As the global pandemic keeps hunting for patients and being a concern globally, HIV AIDS doesn’t lose its heat since the infection has been the problem of human beings world wide since the beginning of the 21st century.

According to the health estimate from the Indian Government, there was about 23.49 lakh people living in the nation that suffered from HIV/AIDS. As though the HIV/AIDS epidemic has a decreasing overall of new cases (it dropped to 37% between 2010 and 2019, specifically in India), the pandemic of decade 2000 remained to be a concern of human beings.

Compared to the global pandemic of 2020, the COVID-19, Dr. Arvind Aggarwal – senior consultant at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute – said. “First, we need to understand both infections separately. HIV crashes immunity in the patients and so does COVID-19; hence, such patients need to be extra careful and cautious.”

While COVID-19 could be spread easily by touching into the gems or the substance of an infected people, HIV/AIDS virus is spread by high risk behaviors. Those behaviors include unsafe sexual engagement and unsafe drug injection.

The goal of tackling HIV/AIDS globally can be affected by the pandemic.

Though the link between HIV and the global pandemic is not assured, HIV patients might have to follow the social distancing rules if any doubt happens. Despite the decreasing of epidemic in the recent years, HIV/AIDS remains to be the disease that scientists could not find the cure yet. Therefore, in order to help yourself prevent the disease and also help the world push the pandemic far away, please follows these suggestions.

-If you are about to have a tattoo or piercing job done on your body, please ask the tattoo artists and piercing artists to use fresh and new needles on your skin.

-At salons, being cut can accidentally happen, so please be aware of it.

-Though the HIV is not curable, being healthy and following an active lifestyle can delay the infection.

-Lastly, being safe when you engage sexually with anyone. Using condoms is required whenever you make love.


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