During a time of the year when people have every excuse to indulge in sweet and fatty foods, Jessica Simpson shows us what a real health goal is!

The American actress-singer was looking incredibly gorgeous with her new look – obviously much healthier and happier. Jessica, who is also a fashion designer and an author, took to Instagram on Saturday to share a whole bunch of photos while celebrating Christmas with her family.

She posted snaps of daughter Maxwell and son Ace, and her youngest daughter Birdie, who is just 21 months old.

In a picture taken by her husband Eric Johnson, Jessica showed off her fit physique while rocking red and white Christmas onesie.

“So I thought Eric was taking a photo from the waist up…” Jessica Simpson captioned the pic.

Many fans marveled at her much fitter frame and demanded to know her “secrets”.                          

“We all wanna know how did you get so skinny?,” one fan reacted.

Even her fellow stars also reacted to Simpson’s jaw-dropping weight loss in the comments section.

“You so fit,” Jessica Alba wrote.

Ruby Rose reacted with several drooling emojis.

Back in September 2019, Jessica revealed that she lost 100 lbs six months after welcoming baby Birdie in March. She weighed 240 lbs after Birdie’s birth.

The 40-year-old actress said chasing her kids around all day, every day helped keep her in shape.

“I also have the most active husband ever,” she said. “If you marry an athlete, you got to stay on your feet.” Jessica’s husband, Eric, is a former NFL player.

Her personal trainer Harley Pasternak told E! News earlier this year that he credited her toned legs to getting in 14,000 steps a day and full-body workouts.

“We started with doing a full-body workout, one set of each exercise, not really doing too much intensity per body part and gradually increasing the volume and intensity. Focusing on a few muscle groups per day. Different muscles each day of the week.”

Well, we would all love to know what Jessica Simpson’s health secret is!


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