The coronavirus has hit another fearful record last night. More than 50 million people are positive for the deadly virus worldwide.

John Hopkin University’s covid-19 tracker revealed that there were 50,2 million COVID-19 cases globally. More than 1.2 million deaths are relevant to the global pandemic. The U.S. reported about a fifth of affected cases. According to John Hopkin University’s data, the nation recorded more than 9.8 million cases of coronavirus and more than 237,000 deaths related to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic.

Only on Saturday, the U.S. reported 1,000 deaths related to the virus and 126,000 new positive cases. At the same time, the virus affected other nations powerfully. The governor of the Italian Alpine province declared a “red zone” situation this Monday. As a result, non-essential shops and bars are closed and forbidden to serve meals. Citizens of this province are also banned from going out, except for special reasons such as going to work. The global pandemic integrated badly in Italy since the pandemic started this year in February.

Lombardy, Piedmont, and Valle d’Aosta, a small Alpine region of Italy are all under the “red zone” situation after COVID-19 came back to the Southern European nation. Serie A, the famous soccer league of this nation, is under a threat of postponing.

Italy registered about 935,104 cases of coronavirus, and about 41,394 Italians died because of the global pandemic. Eventually, Greece also suffered from the wave of COVID-19. Last Sunday, the Greek government released the number of 1,914 new coronavirus cases. Moreover, they recorded 35 deaths related to the virus.

Since the start of the global pandemic, Greece recorded about 56,000 infected cases and 734 deaths caused by a coronavirus.

COVID-19 registered a new milestone and it is freaking.

In the Middle East, coronavirus also interrupted badly with living standards in Jerusalem. Last Sunday, the Israeli government allowed stores to reopen after two months of locking down. The nation is moving out from the second lockdown caused by the COVID-19. Nonetheless, the indoor shopping mall is still closing. Shops can reopen, but they can only serve up to 4 people at a time.

India also struggled with the virus. The Southern Asia nation reported 45,676 new coronavirus infections. India is the world’s second-largest infected region. They exceeded 8.5 million infected cases, and the fatalities raised to 126,121. In the last 24 hours, New Dehli’s government reported 79 deaths, the most since June.

Apart from aggressive contact tracing, targeted testing in locals and shopping malls has started. Indian government expected the worse situation of COVID-19 since June.

In several states of the U.S., coronavirus cases are laddering after the election day. Texas on Saturday acknowledged 5,404 new cases of the virus. The global pandemic has been a concern of the U.S. government since February, but the election last week added scrutiny to the pandemic. John Hopkin University’s data registered the highest number of infected cases since mid-September, and it continues to increase.

The situation in South Florida is even worse because of the Eta storm. The mighty disaster forced the government to close beaches, stores, and also the testing location for coronavirus. Eta could intensify into a hurricane this Monday and Tuesday.

The whole world is facing the third wave of the coronavirus while the U.S. is facing multiple challenges at the same time. They welcomed a new president to the White House last Sunday and nearly immediately has to deal with two severe problems. Coronavirus is already a nightmarish issue for the American, but in South Florida, people have also struggled with the coming of Eta storm.

Let’s finger cross for the U.S. soul!

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