The only 19-year-old midfielder, Curtis Jones, scored the only goal of the match against Ajax and earned a victory for his team, Liverpool.

The most recent clash of Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League tournament was a showcased night for Curtis Jones, who just turned 19-year-old earlier this year. The young midfielder graduating from the youth academy was the brightest player of The Kop, and thanks to his only goal, Liverpool left the clash against Ajax with a victory.

Liverpool does not have a good form eventually due to the enormous injury list that the club is suffering from. Jurgen Klopp more than one time admitted that he could not understand why English Premier League (EPL) did not allow English clubs to have five subs in their matches. The intense schedule burnt out a whole squad of Liverpool, and as a result, they suffered from a bad streak of drawing and losing apparently.

However, thanks to the outstanding performance of youngsters from the academy, Klopp might be assured that the club at least can survive through the tough time ahead. One specific name from the academy that was so bright in the match against Ajax was Curtis Jones.

In the last season of 2019-2020 when Liverpool accomplished the EPL championship, Jones also received some opportunity to play with the first team of Liverpool. Nonetheless, it was not until this season that the youngster born in Liverpool showed up his class.

Jones scored

The long injury list is haunting, but at the same time, it is the motivation for youngsters like Jones to step up and take the place. Jones has played for his side in a total of 12 matches this season, and the young midfielder marked his milestone with 3 goals and 1 assists.

In the display against Ajax, the youngster surprised the visiting team with two shots on-goal. Unfortunately, there is only one of them set in the back of the net and create the goal. Liverpool did not play the game better than Ajax, but they were luckier in term of setting piece and scoring goal. And all of that is owed to Jones who played the match of his young career.

What a youngster at the age of 19 has done last night showed that Liverpool can absolutely put their faith in the young hands. Young lads are lack of experience but they are passionate and dedicated. Last night, Jones showed his passion and dedication.


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