Liverpool vs Brighton was more dramatic than what has been predicted as the home team gave Liverpool a tough fight and leave Amex with one point. 

VAR was the main director of this dramatic fight as they intercepted the early goal of Mohamed Salah and denied it. The Kop could have earned the leading, but they ended the first half with a drawn result even though the defending champion controlled the ball up to 60 percent the time of the first haft. The enormous injury list of Liverpool is a drawback that every soccer fans and specialists have acknowledged. Nonetheless, they don’t think the clash of Liverpool vs Brighton was a tough night of soccer for the Kop. They only got one point leaving the Amex after a late equalizer of  Pascal Gross. The striker had an amazing penalty kick in the extra time of the second half and helped his time save a point at home.

Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool expressed his fury about the result of the game, especially when he did not have enough substitutions for his club. Klopp strongly supported the idea that English Premier League should have 5 subs per game instead of three since the intensity of this season is more stressful than the previous one.

Chris Wilder, the manager of Brighton, denied that idea though.

“When we have talk between the managers a week ago, most wanted five subs. Since then nothing happened. Chris Wilder and someone constantly say that I am selfish. I think all the thing he said show that he is selfish,” Klopp said with the Guardian. “Only seven managers have the same problem and they all agree.”

Liverpool got a tough night in the Amex stadium. Photo: AFP

Ironically, even though Chris Wilder opposed to the five subs rules, his team struggled with the injury problem when Neal Maupay could not continue the match because of a muscular pain. Leandro Trossard replaced the Frenchman, and he got some promising stats after being on the field.

Klopp is not happy at all with result. Having an interview with BT’s Sport, the German coach had some complaint about the VAR. “The two offsides I didn’t see, but our analyst said they were [correct]. The penalty? Mmyeah, it’s how it is. I think the decisions were right. [But Jordan Henderson said some of the Brighton players agreed it wasn’t a penalty] Look, you’re trying to create a headline at my cost again – you always do,” Klopp said.

At least, Klopp is happy with his players and the performance in general.

Overall, it was a good game of both team. The visitor was a little bit unfortunate to leave the Amex stadium with three points, but the home team got a night of fighting for themselves and they absolutely deserve with one point. One more thing to add here is that Klopp was so frustrated about his opponent, Wilder.

James Milner became the next player of Liverpool to join the injury list, and as Klopp has ironically said about it. “Ask Wilder how can we avoid it,” Klopp said.



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