Another Vietnamese airlines company is about to launch its first commercial flight. And this time, it is Vietravel Airlines that is going to do such a thing.

Vietravel Airlines will launch their first commercial flight between Hue-Hanoi and then to Ho Chi Minh city. New Vietnamese airlines company will run this flight on January of 2021, and in the future, the brand can expand their service to Nha Trang, Van Don, Da Nang, and Da Lat, …

Mr. Vo Huy Cuong, the vice president of Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, has given to Vietravel the Aircraft Operator Certificate – AOC, and confirmed the aviation authority of the company.

Vietravel was solely recognized as a tourist company, building traveling tour in Vietnam or from Vietnam to the foreign nations. The establishment of the airlines company is the quality guarantee that Vietravel wants to declare.

The company wishes of putting on the table the safe offer of traveling, and at the same time, the highest quality of touring around the world. At this moment, the new Vietnamese airlines company is still small one.

They only have one airplane – A321 CEO, and the company plans to receive another two airplanes in the upcoming year 2021. Vietravel announced that they have 200 pilots and flight attendance right now.

Vietravel Group has not confirmed the price of their service yet but they promise that the company is seeking to be a mixed bag of hybrid and traditional airlines. The price will be affordable for everyone and it will be the long-term plan for the company.

We definitely have to wait for the first flight of Vietravel Airlines to confirm the quality of this new airlines. But for now, we recognize that the aviation industry in Vietnam will be more competitive in the upcoming year 2021. Formerly, we have Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airlines, Vietjet Air, and now, the freshman Vietravel.

Expected flight crew of Vietravel Group.

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