After suffering from cardiac arrest, Chi Tai has passed away at the age of 62. Yesterday, former colleagues held a mourning ceremony for Chi Tai.

Chi Tai suffered from cardiac arrest after doing exercise around his apartment complex. The former comedian was found to be in serious situation and immediately received the emergency treatment, but he could not survive the traumatic pain. At the age of 62, Chi Tai forever said goodbye to the entire world. Yesterday, his former colleagues held a mourning ceremony for the former actor who has been contributing for the entertainment in 40-year-long period.

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Attending at the mourning ceremony, there were a numerous amount of famous Vietnamese celebrities including Ngoc Lan – a close friend. When the former actor was still living, the actor had some projects with Chi Tai, and she cried so loud at the mourning ceremony of the former actor.

“I could not take this pain. It was so overwhelming for me,” Ngoc Lan said. “The first time I met him was 2003-2004, and I got a chance to hug him. To me, he was like a father.”

“Chi Tai could never drop a tear even when he struggles the most. But that man can drop a tear because of missing his wife so much,” she added.

Attending the mourning ceremony, there were several Vietnamese celebrities, including Tran Thanh, Truong Giang, and Chi Tai’s best mate on the stage, Hoai Linh. Viet Huong, another famous star in Vietnam and a close friend of Chi Tai, also attended the ceremony. She said that she would “take care” for Chi Tai until his corpse made it to the U.S. where he will forever rest in peace.

According to Hoai Linh, the runner of the mourning ceremony, the legendary actor of Vietnamese comedy stage will reunion with his wife as soon as possible.

The ceremony of Chi Tai, yesterday.

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