Famous singer, Ann Marie, was arrested on Monday for using firearms allegedly against a man in Atalanta. Her case is under further investigation right now.

The holder of several hits including the album Pretty Psycho, Ann Marie, was arrested and booked in jail on Monday for using firearms for illegal and alleged purposes. She used the deadly weapons for a felony and severe assault in Atalanta. According to the police in Atalanta, Marie has shot a man on his head.

Joann Marie Slater via Ann Marie, 25, is a hip-hop singer living in Chicago. She is the hit-maker and the composer of a hit Secret which gained her 50 million viewers. CBS reported that they found the shooting happened at a hotel in Buckhead on December 1. Officers responded that they found a 24-year-old man being hurt with a wound caused by a gunshot. He was then taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment. The police announced that the man was a little bit responsive at the beginning, but later on, he is in critical condition.

Marie described that a gun fell off the table and it accidentally hit the man. After being booked in the jail, the hip-hop singer was said to keep asking the police about the health status of the victim.

The singer of the song Secret was described that she was in a panic and screamed hysterically that the police had to move her from the scene. Marie said that she grew up with the victim and the duo came to Atalanta for a visiting.

The Atalanta only booked the star in their jail but denied giving any further comment. The action of Marie is still undergone an investigation to identify whether she did it purposefully or not.

Ann Marie is perhaps most famous for her hit-making Secret which has stayed in the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart in 2019, peaking at No. 22.

Ann Marie’s in her MV. Photo: Ann Marie’s Youtube



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