Several nations world wide has confirmed to cancel the count-down night of the year 2021 as COVID-19 is striking back with a new variant.

Count-down night is a tradition of several nations on the Earth, but nations after nations has confirmed to cancel the night as they are fearful the new variant of COVID-19 spread. Thailand was the first nation to cancel the count-down night.

The Amazing Thailand Countdown of 2021 will be canceled, instead of, the nation will have the fireworks performance along side river Chao Phraya, Bangkok. Although the count-down night is canceled, Thailand assured that their ceremony will be a meaningful one as the fireworks will be well-prepared and promised to be glamorous performance of light on the sky of Bangkok.

Afterward Thailand, Japan also announced that they canceled their count-down ceremony of the year 2021. Tabloids on the street of Shibuya stations will be turned off so that it won’t attract a big crowd around that area.

Tokyo government also begged their citizens not to gather around Shibuya area where people might be together at a high intensity for the new year ceremony.

In Hong Kong, however, the count-down night will happen but virtually. The government of Hong Kong said that they could not cancel such a tradition like New Year count-down, but they will make it as safe as possible.

Most nations will follow the same pattern of Hong Kong, Japan, and Thailand for the count-down night as the new variant of COVID-19 approach at high speed.

We have no information about the new virus yet, but to wait for more research about it. So far, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could be the savior for some of us whom are suffering from COVID-19.

A count-down fireworks in Thailand.

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