Real Madrid had a chance to decide their destiny when they headed to Ukraine to face Shakhtar Donetsk in the fifth fixtures of Group B in the UEFA Champions League tournament. Unfortunately, it was a nightmarish display for the Spanish side.

It was an unbelievable showcase of Real Madrid when Los Blancos allowed the home team to play their favorite defensive soccer and regulating the power of their strike. Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, was very positive before the match although they just suffered from a defeat against Deportivo Alaves last weekend. Madrid always showed a difference when they compete at the UEFA Champions League, but the showcase against Shakhtar Donetsk was not a night for them . Real Madrid finally lost against the Ukrainian opponent and missed the opportunity to decide their qualification to the next round.

Ironically, Shakhtar Donetsk has only score 5 goals so far in this season of UEFA Champions League, and all of that is against Real Madrid. According to AS, a media outlet that is in close connection with Real Madrid, the Spanish team is near to a regulation to the UEFA Europa League. In the worst scenario, the Spanish side can even be eliminated from the UEFA Europa League if they end the group stage with the lowest position.

Zidane is always positive with his team, but the outcome is not the same as he has expected.

Courtois might have to remember the name of Shakhtar Donetsk by heart. They have scored 5 goals in the back of his net this season. Photo: Reuters

Being able to smile and think positive in tough moments are what so special about Zidane, but the French legend of Real Madrid and soccer world also needed to show how his decision could make impact. Recently, he made some unreasonable option for his squad. For example, the position of Lucas Vasquez in the display against Deportivo Alaves last weekend.

It is unimaginable that Zidane decided to display a winger like Vasquez as a right back. As a result, the team suffered from a defeat against a weaker opponent. It is understanding that a smaller club can sometimes defeat a stronger enemy, especially in the soccer world. But the suffer of Real Madrid against Alaves last weekend and Donetsk recently are unbelievable.

Perhaps Zidane is still positive, but it is not enough. A shameful result against Donetsk put the Spanish representative in a tough position. It is time for “Zizou” to worry.


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