West Ham defeated Aston Villa on Monday with the result 2-1 and climbed into the top 5 of Premier League. It was the second successive home game of the club from London.

It was Aston Villa that started the season with a better heat and a better form. The club from the city of Birmingham even got a chance to compete for a place in the European championship. Meanwhile, West Ham started the season much slower than their opponent on the Monday night showcase. However, when the two sides competed against each other on this Monday, the London side was the one to leave the stadium with three points

Angelo Ogbonna and Jarrod Bowen were the one who scored two goals for the home team, but their performance could be ruined if Ollie Watkins’ penalty was a correct. It hit the cross bar and wasted the chance for the visiting team to equalize the result. Then West Ham was lucky once again in the extra time when Aston Villa’s Watkins was off-sided in the situation when he set the ball in the back of the net.

Such a nightmarish night for the visiting team!

“We’ve missed a penalty and had a goal disallowed for a part of his body that can’t actually be used to put the ball in the net anyway,” Villa manager Dean Smith said.

According to Chanel News Asia
West Ham United had a brilliant night against Aston Villa. Photo: AFP

“The goal Ollie scores they’ve given offside for his arm, but the only reason his arm is there is because he’s being fouled. It’s either he scores or it’s a penalty,” Smith added.

He had a reason for being pissed with the final result of the game. Aston Villa was actually the better team in the display against West Ham. Unfortunately, it is not enough for them to seal the victory. Aston Villa caught the cold as West Ham levelled the result by a goal scored by the center back Ogbonna.

The Italian defender scored for his side with a good header, and then played a crucial role in the off-sided situation of Aston Villa’s Watkins. Nonetheless, Aston Villa’s coach is still pissed with his opponent. “I’d like referees to toughen up a bit and not give every decision,” he said.


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