Another famous people passed away in the year 2020, and this time it was Nguyen Tran Bat who died because of cardiac arrest. He was a famous economist in Vietnam.

According to Tuoi Tre, the famous economist Nguyen Tran Bat died last night (local time) after suffering from cardiac arrest.

His mourning date will be held on Dec. 18th, in Ha Noi.

Nguyen Tran Bat was born in 1946, into a family living in Hung Nguyen district, Nghe An province. He started his career as a soldier but then participated in the Institution of Technology and Transportation as an expert. His most shining time was during the year 1986 when Vietnam adopted new economic regulation and started to join the global environment

He was the famous economic expert who could do finance analyzing, investing advisor, and legal documents relate to economics.

Besides being an expert, he was the economy revolutionist who soared several important changes and advice.

Tran Bat became the founder of  InvestConsult Ltd and INVESTIP during the 1980s and these two organizations, later on, played an important role in terms of changing the Vietnamese economy. InvestConsult Ltd specifically played an important role in connecting Vietnamese customers with foreign capital investors and it opens a chance for Vietnam to join the flow of global economy.

Mr. Nguyen also was an author of several journalistic articles, books, and researches which forever have changed the mindset of Vietnamese people about economy. Some of his outstanding works are Culture and Human Beings (2005), Revolution and Development (2005), Inspiring Source (2008), Conversation with future (2010), …

His name also appeared in Barons Who’s Who in Vietnam and Barons Who’s Who in Asia Pacific as a famous lawyer and economist.

He is also called with the nickname professor Tran Dat although he never accomplished a PhD before. And as it has been said earlier, his mourning ceremony will be held in Ha Noi, on Dec. 18th.

Portrait of Tran Bat.



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