New energy efficient OLED screen will be used for the Galaxy S21 Ultra of Samsung. News confirmed by the GMS Arena.

Samsung Display has revealed more details about the next generation of energy-efficient OLED panels, which currently adorn the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Not only is it more efficient but also brighter. 

Samsung to launch new generation of energy-efficient OLEDs in 2021

OLED reduces power consumption by 16% while also increasing brightness. Our Galaxy S21 Ultra test results prove that the screen can get very bright, and battery life seems to back up Samsung’s claims that the panel is more efficient as well.

We all know that OLEDs use organic light emitting diodes and Samsung has come up with a new material that increases the speed of movement of electrons increasing brightness.

Samsung to launch new generation of energy-efficient OLEDs in 2021

It is implied that Samsung will manufacture this new generation of OLEDs for other manufacturers as well, but it is unclear when the new technology will hit the market in a consumer-ready product. For now, the only way to experience the new technology is to get a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, the price of new Galaxy will be eased down in the upcoming summer of the year, and we can all expect that from now until then, not only the OLED but Samsung will also include more features for the Galaxy S21.

Hopefully, all of these things come soon.


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