Just a few days ago, Samsung hit the pause button on One UI 3.0 / Android update for Galaxy S10 series, but now it’s sowing the latest software again.

So far, no official statement has cleared the air, so we can only suspect that the issues discovered were quickly resolved. The UI 3.0  update was somehow removed from the system of Galaxy S10 series before it was returned to the normal status. Switzerland users recognized this return firstly in the world. 

The new firmware version of the Galaxy S10 is G975FXXU9EUA4 and a Swiss user seems to be one of the first to get it.

Samsung resumes One UI 3.0 update for Galaxy S10

If you have not been able to upgrade the software, you will be able to do so again in the following days, while those of you who have reported issues with the camera and the device heating up will hopefully see the new version fix them. Samsung has not confirmed when they will have these updates for other markets, but we all wish that this update could be available as soon as possible.

UI 3.0 update for Galaxy S10 is back after being removed from the system earlier. Such a good news for Galaxy S10 users in the year 2021.


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