Keyontae Johnson of Florida Gators has recovered from the collapse that happened last Saturday and said some thankful words to the Gators family.

It is a little bit shocking recognizing that such a powerhouse like Keyontae Johnson of Florida Gators has been treated in the hospital for a whole week long. Fortunately, the nightmarish time has passed, and the powerhouse of Gators made his recovery successfully. There was a moment of scare, frightening, and anxiety, and after all, Johnson won the fight of his life. The player will still need to be in the hospital, but he is conscious right now.

In a 25 seconds that he posted on his Twitter, Johnson expressed the appreciation that he and his family owed to the prayers who wished for him the best.

“I know y’all have been sending y’all prayers the last few weeks, and me and my parents are very grateful for the prayers that have been going out,” he said on the video. “To all doctors and medical staff at Tallahassee Memorial and UF Shands, I just want to say thank you for all the support y’all gave me, especially the lady that was in the gym at Florida State. To my Gator Nation and UF Athletic family, I just want to thank you for all the prayers that y’all gave out to me. Go Gators.”

Until now, his collapse last Saturday is still a haunting incident for all Gators’ staff members and players who burst into tears badly after acknowledging the unhealthy status of their players. Luckily, Johnson recovered on his feet and might be able to compete soon.

More medical diagnosis might come to him in the upcoming week. His video on Twitter is below.


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