Keyontae Johnson, forward of Florida Gators, remained to be hospitalized in UF Health Center after being transported to the place from Tallahassee.

After being treated at Tallahassee, Keyontae Johnson was transferred back to Floria where he now is being hospitalized in UF Heath Center. The player could react to some simple commands, and he was reported to be more stable right now. Nonetheless, Johnson is in a medically-induced coma which means that he is still suffering from a medically critical condition.

Larry DeJarnett, a grandfather of Johnson, said that his grandchild hopefully could get out from the hospital soon and he added that Johnson was transferred back to Florida during the weekend.

In their statement, Florida Gators said  that Johnson “continues in critical but stable condition, is following simple commands and undergoing further tests.”

Gators also canceled their upcoming Wednesday game against North Florida in order to follow the status of Keyontae Johnson. Florida Gators also has a match on Saturday against Florida Atlantic, but they have not decided to cancel it yet.

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Johnson was walking to the midcourt before surprisingly became pale and fell straight forward into the hardwood floor with his head contacted with the floor firstly. Luckily, he received essential caring from the medical personnel and was took the hospital on time.

Scott Stricklin, Florida’s athletic director, said that he appreciated the support and caring of medical personnel. Stricklin also thanked Tallahassee Memorial for treating his player well during the time he was hospitalized at the place.

Youngster of Gators now is being treated in UF Health Center, and his parents are currently with him.

“We’re glad his parents can be by his side, and they feel the support of Gator Nation,” Stricklin said.

Mike White, coach of Florida Gators, has been side-by-side with his player since Saturday and he was the one who showed support to Johnson the most. On his Twitter, he wrote. “Please keep praying for @Keyontae and his family. We all love him.”

Keyontae Johnson skipped the NBA draft of this year in order to enjoy a big junior year of college basketball at Floria. In the previous three games, Johnson was among the top fourth in points per game of SEC.


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