The United States reported 116,707 new infected cases of coronavirus on Thursday.

According to the Washington Post, the total number of coronavirus infections in the U.S.  was pushed to nearly 9.6 million. About 20 states announced the record increased in the last 3 days, including New England, the Midwest, the Great Plains, and the Pacific Northwest. Those states observed the most dramatic change in numbers: Maine, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

However, there is no state look more hopeless than North Dakota. The state broke the number of new infections and casualties in a single day. Also, North Dakota broke the number of hospitalized people in the past few days. Over the past week, the state confirmed more new corona-related deaths than any states.

“Today, statistically, marks the worst day yet for North Dakota,” Gov. Doug Burgum said.

The governor desperately asked for individual responsibility in terms of following mask mandate. Cases began climbing in the U.S. during mid-September when the election campaign began. Since then, even though wearing a mask is mandatory, the new infections keep increasing rapidly.

“There’s been this sense of people giving up,” Michael Fraser, chief executive of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, said on the Washington Post.

It seems like, instead of tackling the virus, debating for the presidential election is more important. There were signals of giving up.

Coronavirus hit another nightmarish milestone.

“You had state leaders looking at the election and deciding it was not worth taking bold, unpopular moves against the virus that might save lives but hurt your side politically. There have been stated health officials debating whether to continue telling people to do things because they know many are not going to listen.” Fraser said.


In August, the virus was killing approximately 1000 people each day before slightly decreasing in September and October. However, the election campaign pushed the recent dramatic increase of coronavirus infections. Besides the fever of the presidential election, the ranging number of coronavirus new cases cause a big concern.

Eventually, there has been an average of  96,231 cases per day, an increase of 54 percent from the average two weeks earlier. At least 235,000 people in the U.S. have died because of coronavirus since the beginning of the global pandemic. For some U.S. citizens, the pandemic is inexorable, and the giving up attitude is inevitable.

“This virus doesn’t care if we voted for Donald Trump, doesn’t care if we voted for Joe Biden,” Mr. DeWine, a voter, said. “It’s coming after all of us.”

In contrast, lab supervisors have worked intense hours in the last few months in order to develop the vaccination for coronavirus. Testing samples are collected daily with the hope that a vaccine will be found out in the shortest amount of time.

In the end, coronavirus has created so many casualties to the U.S. so far. One fun fact about this virus is that Donald Trump received most of his nomination from states where the cases of coronavirus infections are high. For example, Donald Trump got his victory in New York where 33,000 deaths are relevant to coronavirus.

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