Ex WWE star Jon Huber aka Luke Harper shockingly passed away at the age 41 after battling with lung problem in a while.

The former star of WWE was confirmed to die yesterday after battling with non-related to COVID-19 lung cancer. Luke Harper passed away at the age of 41 yesterday, news reported by his wife – Amanda Huber – on her Instagram.

On her social media site, Huber described her husband as a best friend, a good father and an amazing husband.

“My best friend died today,” she wrote. “I never wanted to write out those words. My heart is broken.”

“The world saw him as the amazing @brodielee (fka Luke Harper) but he was my best friend, my husband, and the greatest father you would ever meet,” she continued.

Huber’s desperation is understandable as Luke Harper has passed away as a quite decently young age. The former WWE was quite sharp, good looking, and seems to have no issue. Sadly, he was battling with lung cancer in a while and could not take on it anymore.

Huber said that her husband “passed surrounded by love ones after a hard fought battle with a non Covid related lung issue.”

Huber when he was with WWE. Photo: WWE

Tributes for the former star heavily expressed all over the social media site.

On her Twitter, famous Queen of the WWE Universe – Charlotte Flair wrote.

“It’s hard to explain to people, and I’m not certain he would want me to, that the biggest, scariest man you’ll ever see on your television is the kindest soul you’d ever meet. A model of a husband and father, and proof that some people are too good for this earth.”

Jon Huber will definitely be remembered for what he has done inside the ring of the wrestling world. He is a good model of a father and a husband. Unfortunately, we all said farewell to another good man in the year 2020.

Ettore Ewen aka Big E also sent his farewell to the former colleague.

“I hope you all get to know someone like Jon. He was the biggest family man & someone who made me laugh daily. I’ll miss him every day for the rest of my life. I love you, Brodie, and I thank you so much for loving me,” Ewen wrote.

So many other names of the Wrestling world also sent their tributes to Huber and his family.

During his time inside the ring, Huber participated in WWE and AWE, and though he was rarely the holder of crucial belts, Harper was well-known as a famous hell character of WWE Universe. He accompanied Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, and Erick Rowan to establish a group named the Wyatt Family.

This hell group was formerly a famous hell performers of WWE and once was the important part of the storyline developed by the Wrestling company.

Once again, I and Times 24H want to say sorry to Huber and his family for this lost. Wish you all the best. Rest in peace, Huber!

Huber’s debut on WWE. Video: Youtube

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