The former WWE star, Paige, accused her boyfriend of physically abusing her daily. Paige says that she was abused for hours.

Former WWE stars, Paige and Alberto Del Rio, have accused each other of physical violence during their prior relationship. Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) stated an allegation against Del Rio (real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chucuan) during her appearance on GAW TV.  “It’s like it’s up to six, seven hours a day you’re literally trapped in a certain room and getting your ass beat every couple of minutes, you know what I mean?” she said.

Despite the accusation, Del Rio said that his former girlfriend was an aggressor. He told TMZ Sport that Paige accused him without evidence. “It was the other way around,” the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion said. “I have the evidence. Not just words.”

He also considered a defamation lawsuit against Paige because of her statement.

“I would say Raya, why? Why? Why are you doing this Raya? And, I’m not calling you Paige because you were never Paige to me, you were Raya,” Del Rio told TMZ. “Why would you hurt me in a moment like this?”

Paige and Del Rio used to be in a romantic relationship.

Even though Del Rio did not confess his action, the Mexican wrestler recently was indicted by a Grand Jury. In October, the 43-year-old famous wrestler was accused of sexually assaulting a Mexican woman.

“Karma’s a real thing and you put out what you receive—and right now, he’s receiving it,” Paige said.

The relationship between Del Rio and Paige ended in a storm in 2017. The two wrestlers accused each other of sexual abuse. Del Rio ended his contract with the company in 2016, while Paige remained at the biggest entertaining wrestling company until now. She retired as a wrestler in 2018 but stay with WWE as a show manager and booker.

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