Hi everyone and welcome to episode 120 of the ET Wealth Wisdom podcast

I am Tania Jaleel

The second wave continues to pummel the country and this time around it seems to not want to spare any one

Cases counts are touching world-record highs on a daily basis, and the death count is on the rise as well

There are horror stories of people running pillar to post to get hospital beds and oxygen, of people dieing outside waiting in line to get into hospitals

In times like this, it is said that having adequate amount of insurance can cushion the blow to some extent, at least financially

I spoke to Kapil Mehta of Securenow to find out if it is time to review one’s insurance policies

And also, in scenarios where settling insurance claims is becoming difficult, what can one do

Here is what he had to say

And on that note, that will be all for this week

Come back next week for more wealth wisdom

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