Chelsea admitted that they could sack Frank Lampard if the bad streak continued. In case the Englishman leave Stamford Bridge, Chelsea can appoint former PSG‘s coach, Thomas Tuchel as a new coach.

It is no longer a rumor, as Chelsea confessed that they potentially could sack Frank Lampard in the upcoming month of 2021 if the bad streak continued. Several candidates have been listed on the shortlist, but Thomas Tuchel was the most favorite candidate overall.

Last week, Chelsea of Lampard received a huge loss against Manchester City last week. It was the fourth matches in the total of previous 5 games that Chelsea could not win. Authority of Chelsea confessed that they are not happy at all with that result. Vision of this team is to dominate the domestic cups and accomplish a huge thing in the European tournaments.

Lampard seemingly could not help Chelsea achieve these things with this current form. Last summer, Chelsea provided Chelsea a huge budget for transferring. The West London side spent an amount of more than 200 million Euros for transferring.

According to some reputable sources in England, Chelsea is looking for a replacement for Lampard in case he is sacked by the club. The former PSG’s head coach, Thomas Tuchel, is the favorite candidate of Chelsea. The German coach is a free agent right now, and his development plan fits Chelsea’s agenda.

Tuchel is famous for uplifting the class of some decent youngsters such as Christian Pulisic. His resume is suitable for what Chelsea is seeking right now. A young coach but talented and ready to work under pressure is what Tuchel can offer.

However, the future of Lampard is unsure for now, and we will all know more information about this after the next rounds of the English Premier League.

Tuchel is a potential replacement for Lampard. Photo: Reuters

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