Manchester City and Chelsea clash can be postponed as the Citizens announced that they have found more positive cases of COVID-19 among their players and staff member.

So far, the English Premier League authority has said nothing about the delay, but the match between Manchester City and Chelsea can be postponed at any time if more positive cases of COVID-19 are found. Recently, Manchester City confirmed that the total of players and staff members of the club suffered from COVID-19 has been uplifted to the number 7.

Manchester City’s coach, Pep Guardiola, said that two of his players eventually caught up COVID-19 positivity. He will miss a total of 5 players for the clash against Chelsea if the English Premier League still insists of making it occur. But the authority for the most profitable league on this planet might have to deeply consider a delay for this match-up.

Both Guardiola and Chelsea’s Frank Lampard are ready to take on this match if they both have to do so.

Lampard said that he has not received any notification, and he would be aware of the situation if there is any new updates. So far, the Blues’ coach admitted that he assumed to join this match. Despite the large number of infected cases of COVID-19, Manchester City will also indicate to participate in this match.

Lampard indicates that his team is still going to battle against Manchester City this Sunday. Photo: AFP

Previously, the match between Everton and Manchester City was also postponed for the same reason. Guardiola encouraged that he and his team could take on but the authority of the English Premier League decided to postpone the match.

“We had enough players to play against Everton. We wanted to play but on the day of the game, with more cases, we informed the Premier League,” Guardiola said in an interview. “I personally called (Everton manager) Carlo Ancelotti to explain the situation because the day before we were in touch about what would happen and the huge risk.”

Once again, the English Premier League has not confirmed anything yet. We all assume that the match between Manchester City and Chelsea is the biggest match for the New Year’s days.


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