Mauricio Pochettino became the new coach of PSG last Saturday, but in just a few days, the Argentine coach has proposed some decent plans for the club’s success.

As a player, Mauricio Pochettino used to be a captain of PSG, and right now, he is the new coach of Le Parisien. The fans of PSG must have been waiting in a long time as the club is seeking new coach for the vacant position of Thomas Tuchel. Rumors about a return of Pochettino was raised by then, but it was not until last Saturday that the Argentine coach came back to his former club.

On the official website of PSG, Pochettino admitted the excitement of becoming a new coach of Paris Saint-Germain. He said.

“There has always been in this club a tradition of excellence, the players must deserve to wear this jersey. I think the current squad is amazing, I think we can accomplish what the club wants, and what the players want, because they are competitors who want to lift trophies. ”

Besides sharing about the current squad of PSG, the Argentine coach also commented about the plans for the club. Pochettino is all about seeking glory in the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain. During his first press conference with the new club, Pochettino confessed that he wanted to build up a tough team.

Every players under his command should be in the same direction of looking to earn the success. Pochettino said.

“Our main goal is to get everyone to pull in the same direction. We want to put in place a mentality, a game philosophy, and that everyone adheres to it. The idea is that everyone should want to win for the club above all else. We want to be a strong club, with a strong structure. When everyone, from the players to the staff, up to management, experiences the same emotions, it’s something magical.”

We will see Pochettino in a new club soon.


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