Joe Biden is about to take after the White House and announce his security team to the public. Donald Trump earlier announced that he was out of option and had to accept the transfer of power. 

The federal government recently approved the president-elect Biden to take after the White House as the former president, Donald Trump, finally accepted the result of the Nov. 3rd election. Biden is about to take the presidency chair and approve the new security team. Biden overcame Trump after all of the baseless accusations of the former president is denied by the court. The legal fight delayed the transfer of power, but in the end, the transfer of power has to happen.

Even though Trump accepted to let the transfer of power happen, he refused to give up the legal fight and would continue it.  The General Services Administrator Emily Murphy approved the transfer of Biden, and Trump could continue his legal fight, but he would not be able to overturn the result of the election. The dangerous action of Trump was prevented by a fast-moving series of the federal and also the court.

Biden is about to have approval to take after the White House soon
Biden will now be able to take after the White House. Photo: AFP

The quick transfer of power to Biden would be necessary in terms of completely eliminating the effect of Trump on the presidency fight.

Murphy explained that the federal declared the approval of the presidential election after reflecting the legal challenge and the legal certification. After the victory of Biden in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the federal moved fast in order to tackle the legal challenge of Trump and quickly help Biden take after the task.

The approval of new president is needed as the United States is facing multiple mission at the same time. The global pandemic and the economic crisis is what the whole nation are facing. Biden will take after the White House and be in charge of these tasks immediately.


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