The new president, Joe Biden, is counting an enormous number of votes on his name. His Democratic allies also observed an outstanding record. 

Joe Biden is also the most voted winning president in the history of the election while his opponent, Donald Trump also watermarked a milestone when he claimed the highest number of votes for a losing candidate. He received more than 155 million votes counted and California and New York still counting which is equals to 65% of eligible voters, the highest number since 1908.

The large margin between Trump and Biden partially caused by the false statement of Trump against his opponent. The Democratic repeatedly accused Bideden and his allies of cheating the voting process. Nearly 6 million votes came to Biden after the accusation proved that Trump has lost his trustworthiness.

Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University, believed that in the end, people will soon realize that Biden has won the election deservedly.

“It’s just a lot of noise going on, because Donald Trump is a bull who carries his own china shop with him,” Brinkley said. “Once the noise recedes, it’s going to be clear that Biden won a very convincing victory.”

The new president currently is leading his opponent by 290-232.

Nonetheless, according to AP, the votes right now don’t include a number from Georgia where Biden led Trump by 0.3 points. If that number is included, Biden will lead his opponent by 306-232 votes, a significant number that Trump has claimed in 2016.

Trump sealed his 2016 victory with 77,000 votes from important battlegrounds while Biden’s margin is narrower. The elect-president has only 45,000 votes across Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

However, Rick Hasen, a professor at the University of Irvine and an expert on voting, said that even narrow leading can be so decisive especially in the election battle.

A recount can happen because of Trump’s lawsuit, but Hansen believed that it could not change the ultimate result.

“If you’re talking about it being close enough to be within what those of us in the field call the margin of litigation, this is not within the margin of litigation,” Hasen said.

Trump and Biden had a tough legal fight. Photo: AFP

Timothy Naftali, a presidential historian at New York University, compared Biden’s victory with Presidential Election winning of the 1960s. He declared that Biden’s winning is much tighter than the victory of Barack Obama in 2008 or Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Nonetheless, his winning is more impressive than Trump’s victory or George W. Bush.

Trump and his allies still continue to stop the confirmation of a new president in the White House. They unlikely will succeed at all, but the lawsuit took a new step last week when they figured out evidence showing that two Republican officials block voters from participating in the voting process.

Michael McDonald, a University of Florida professor, said that this might prove the opposition toward Democrats but not really toward Trump. “If there’s anything in the data here, it reveals how the system is stacked against the Democrats, not stacked against Trump,” McDonald said.

After all, Biden is leading with a massive margin, and his time at the White House is coming soon. The transfer of power has to happen, and even if Trump believed that he could overlap everything, he is certainly losing in the end. Maybe the billionaire can come back at the battleground in 2024, but right now, he is losing.

Joe Biden proved that he got the experience to run the White House and he is showing it daily. Welcome to the new president of the U.S.

Quotes and Data used from AP


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