Windows 11 is still not due until later this year, but Intel is preparing its platforms for the imminent release. 

Team Blue just-released Windows 11-ready graphics drivers for their onboard GPUs, reports WCCFTech. It’s also the first driver from any big-name vendor that’s not a beta release, outpacing AMD and NVIDIA. 

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UKRAINE – 2021/06/24: In this photo illustration a Windows 11 logo is seen on a smartphone screen with a Microsoft website in the background. Microsoft has presented Windows 11, new generation of Windows operating system (OS), during an event on June 24, 2021.

Intel GPU driver is now available for download straight from the company’s website or by automatically downloading it via Device Manager on your PC. Among its main features include WDDM 3.0 support, virtualized video memory, and improved GPU scheduling and fault tolerance. 

However, if you’re running any Linux program on Windows 11, the driver also allows for graphical compatibility. This way, you won’t encounter any major visual issues when you run said programs. 

Tom’s Hardware reports that the driver will only be available to owners of 6th gen Skylake processors and newer. You should also be running at least version 1809 of Windows 10 for the driver to install properly. 

But here’s something for gamers on 10th gen Intel CPUs which are stuck with integrated graphics for now: Auto HDR support. Auto HDR was one of Microsoft’s Windows 11 presentation highlights, where they included it in the list of gaming-specific features. So, if you’re running a display capable of HDR, you’re in for a good time, even on an iGPU. 

Lastly, still on the gaming side, the driver is bringing optimization for “F1 2021,” and reduced loading times for “Moonblade” and “Call of Duty: Warzone” on DX12. 

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Windows 11: Should You Bite the Bullet And Install the Preview? 

Since the Intel graphics driver for Windows 11 is now released, should you download the current preview build of the OS and test it? 

For now, it’s not really recommended unless you know what you’re doing. The reason is already in the name: preview. The current version of the OS is incomplete and features a load of bugs that you’ll have to deal with upon installation. But if you have, say, a spare system you barely use, then by all means, do it. Just don’t try to run the OS on your main computer until the final retail release. 

But if for some reason you really, really want to test it out, then you might have missed out on something good. Earlier this year, Windows 11 insiders were able to earn rewards by finding bugs in the OS. The so-called “bug bash” is supposed to end soon, though. 

NVIDIA and AMD’s Response

For now, Intel has taken the lead in the GPU driver race to try and take advantage of Windows 11’s gaming-specific feature set. But Team Red and Team Green will likely release early versions of Windows 11-ready graphics drivers, which could help current testers of the build. This is because gaming performance for the OS is sub-par and suffers from major issues like wrongfully banning players from online games. 

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