A photo taken by Said, who led the fundraising campaign, and Bryanna, a fast food restaurant employee. Facebook capture. (Union)

In the U.S., a general fundraising campaign has been held to comfort employees who have been insulted by customers, and these days, the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) is more difficult than ever.

According to CNN broadcast on the 30th, Peroza Said, who lives in Atlanta, USA, saw a customer in front of him throwing a large drink at an employee at a fast food restaurant Drive Through earlier this month.

The front guest didn’t want ice in the drink, but he was angry because it contained ice.

Said drove up to the side of a crying employee with a drink on his face, gave a tip of $20 (22,000 won), comforted him, advised to report it to the police, and posted the events on Facebook.

The reaction from Facebook friends was hot.

Said suggested to his Facebook friends to collect more than 5 dollars each for the female employee who is 6 months pregnant, and a donation of 1,700 dollars (1.86 million won) was poured in from hundreds of people.

Most of the donations were $5, $10, and $20.

Said put the money he had recently collected in an envelope and delivered it directly to the female employee, Brianna.

She has also set up an online window so she can continue to help her prospective mother, Brianna.

After joining the fundraising, one woman said, “I’ve worked in a retail store too, and what happened to an employee is so shocking.”

“Side came home and delivered the envelope, and I cried out loud because I didn’t expect anything,” said Brianna. “I wish her a blessing.”

Said said, “I wanted to find a smile on her struggling face again. I also tried to show that there aren’t only bad people in the world,” he said. “I hope each of us gathers small good deeds to brighten the whole society. ()

Source: Yunhap News)


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