The American vaccine for coronavirus, Phl’s Pfitzer, will be on the priority list of the U.S, according to Tribune Daily.

The U.S. announced that they would make vaccines for coronavirus at the cheapest price possible. American allies, including the Philippines, will also have this priority, according to Tribune Daily.

Thanks to the bargain of Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel Romualdez, the Southeast Asia nation received the price privilege of the vaccine. “It will be sold to many US allies, specifically in the Philippines, at probably $5 per shot,” Romualdez said in a televised briefing. “Moderna is also ready to supply if ever we want to.”

Pfizer was proved to be the most efficient vaccination against coronavirus so far. Beforehand, the Russian Health Ministry has introduced the vaccine Sputnik V. However, the resistance against the virus of the Russian vaccine is still mystical. Only Turkey will follow Russia to produce the Sputnik V.

Before the Philippines received the cheap price offer from the U.S., Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. has been in talks with Pharmacy firms. The negotiations between Locsin Jr. and Phl helped the Philippines fast track the price dealing process.

Vaccines for COVID-19 distribution could be ready within 24 hours
Vaccine will be made affordable in the Philippines.

According to the Ambassador, Romualdez, the Philippines is looking to have immunization for 60% of the population. Romualdez said that the nation should receive enough provision from the pharmacy firm.

“They’re not asking for any minimum amount from us as long as they get approved and that we will be informing them how much we will need, then they are ready to supply,” he said.

The American company announced that it had a plan to produce 1 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine. Most of them will be consumed in the U.S. as an attempt of the government to stop the virus strike.

Since the virus started to strike the nation this February, pharmacy firms have worked daily to figure out the vaccine. Phl is the result of costly studies for a vaccine, and it is the most effective COVID-19 vaccination in the world so far.

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