China suspended imports from PT. Anugrah Laut Indonesia for one week after they found the existence of coronavirus on a fish sample of this brand.

On Tuesday, Chinese customs declared that they found coronavirus in a sample of fish importing from Indonesia. After detecting the sample, China said that they would suspect goods from Anugrah Laut Indonesia for a week. The General Administrator of Chinese Customs suggested that the trading should resume after 7-day of restriction.

Several companies from Brazil, Russia, and Ecuador have also faced the same restriction earlier this year. Because of the widespread of COVID-19, all importing goods have to go through the inspection process before putting on the shelves.

According to the latest update of customs authorities, Chinese customs could restrict any food sample that has coronavirus on its package. If any product suffered from this restriction more than three times, it would be banned for a week.

Before suffering from this restriction, Anugrah Laut Indonesia has a good relationship with Chinese customs. The Indonesian food company plays an important role in Chinese importing. They have been contributing a huge number of fish importing to this nation. Luckily for Indonesia that the importing between them and the mainland would not be affected by this restriction.

China will ban fish from Anugrah Laut Indonesia for a week.

The ministry of Indonesia said, “whereas the others can still do export activities as usual.” Additionally, the virus was found on the package of the fish not inside the fish. Back to Sep. 29th, Chinese customs also banned importing products from Brazillian Monteiro Indústria de Pescados Ltda. after inspecting coronavirus on their package.

The Chinese government has to adopt such a drastic measure because of the blooming of COVID-19. The origin of this virus is Wu Han, China, and since the pandemic started, the Chinese government had to declare several restrictions in order to stop the spreading of this virus. Fortunately, the economy of this nation is getting back to a normal level after several months of fighting against the virus.

via Reuters


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