The long and tiring legal battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was seeming to end on Monday, but in the end, Trump came back with more accusations. 

It has been a tough, exhausting, and baseless legal fight for Trump and his allies, but they did not give up yet even when the federal acknowledge Biden as the new president of the White House. Trump said that he would not stop the legal fight, and he finally came back. This time, like the previous period of time, Trump came back with more accusations against the president-elect.

The Democrat always believed that the massive and to some extent shameful fraud of the election has cost his presidential chair. After the Thanksgiving meal with his troops, he raised the accusations against his opponent, Biden. Trump was so angry that he could have the chance to continue his time with the White House and take after the second term of the president.

Colleen Long, Alanna Durkin Richer, and Zeke Miller of the AP News described that the 2020 presidential election was a zombie election. It was supposed to end for nearly a month, but Trump and his allies did not let it die. In spite of several refusals from the federal and the court, Trump and his allies found a way to continue the legal fight and lengthen the campaign. Challenge after a challenge was about to turn out as a good strategy of Trump and his allies.

But in the end, their challenges were pointless.

Trump still came back though Biden has been officially confirmed to become the next president of the U.S. Photo: AFP

The federal confirmed more than one time that all the votes have been checked closely and the 2020 presidential election should have been settled. Nonetheless, Trump and his allies continued to challenge the new president-elect. Likely to the AP News’ reporters, Franita Tolson, a professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. described that Trump’s action is like zombies.

“Zombies are dead people walking among the living — this litigation is the same thing,” Tolson said. “In terms of litigation that could change the election, all these cases are basically dead men walking.”

Just a day after Trump said that his administration should start the paperwork with Biden’s team, more allies of Trump sent in accusations and put on the table a new challenge against the Democrat. What a shock! But those attempts were purposeful to help Trump take off his presidential seat with a head high. At least, the former president could leave the White House in pride and charisma after losing to an opponent that he has never been appealed to.



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