I got a terrible 20/11 even though it should have been a wonderful day for a former English teacher like me. Traffic jam turned my day into a nightmarish day. 

Teachers’ day is a traditional day for the Education department and also, for teachers who have spent their entire life for teaching the next generation of talent for Vietnam.  Before joining Times 24H as the news editor, I was an English communication teacher.

Teaching is an interesting job, and actually, most of my big family members are teachers. I have 4 aunts who are teachers and 2 uncles who are teachers, while I am also a teacher. Therefore, 20/11 is an important day for me, but instead of enjoying the day, I got a catastrophic morning that was simply out of my mind.

I should start my working day at 9:00 a.m, and it is a routine that I barely broke. I woke up at 7:50 a.m, then I brushed my teeth, had my breakfast, and finally changed my clothes. Everything was fairly good until I went downstairs and realized a nightmarish fact. I could not move my car out from the gate because of the traffic jam which was created because of the …. teachers’ day’s ceremony at the Elementary school in front of my house.

What a mess!

What a messy Nov. 20!

Well, I told myself that this traffic jam would be cleaned up soon and there should be no mess remain. Anyway, my thought was desperately wrong. I was caged inside my house for about an hour. Consequently, I made it to my company at 11:00 a.m. What a shame!

There is a long line of deadlines waiting for me, and there is a long life of articles that need me to finish. Unbelievably, I am about to miss all of them because of the Teacher’s day traffic jam.

So if teachers and schools are reading this article, I want to express my tiredness of being stuck in the traffic jam that has been accidentally created by the Teachers’ day ceremony. It should not happen at all, doesn’t it? A teachers’ day finally becomes a horrible day of working and tiredness. Luckily, I am still hanging it thanks to coffee and Linkin Park’s music. Thank you Chester for your beautiful voice. R.I.P legend!



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