The most recent T-shirt collection of Supreme will be offered a sale at Christie for about $2 million.

Supreme has been a popular streetwear brand in the U.S., and it has grown into a billion dollars brand in the recent years. The latest T-shirt collection of the luxury street style brand will be on sale at Christie, and according to the NBC News, Supreme planned to sell their products at $2 million.

The T-shirt collection actually is just a set full of Supreme’s “box-logo” T-shirts which has been produced since 1994. This collection contained 253 shirts and each shirt featured an average price up to $7.900.

In order to buy the collection, buyer will need to purchase directly from Christie rather than through an auction. The beginning price of the collection is not released, but as have been hinted, Christie said that they could sell the product at $2 million.

The Supreme’s collection

Supreme’s T-shirt collection was collected by James Bogart – a 21-year-old Canadian fashion student – who started buying Supreme gear when he was 14. His collection grew from a zero to more than hundred shirts through years. The owner of this collection confessed that a price tag of $2 million is ridiculous, but he said that Supreme is a fine art more than just a clothing stuff.

“My passion sort of transformed,” Bogart said. “Eventually, I figured, hey, I can go for something no one else has ever completed.”

“Supreme has been a mainstay,” Bogart said. “They’ve been at the forefront of defining culture really. The easiest way to sort of define the value of this collection is the fact that it is the pumping heart of the brand, it is something that will always be a very significant cultural symbol.”

Bogart did not say how much he spent on the collection, but it was something that he was proud of. Christie will hold the auction for Bogart’s collection in Dec. 15th.


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