Authorities of South Korea obligates new mandatory regulation on their people as the new cases of coronavirus in this nation has increased rapidly.

This Monday, South Korea obligates a new setting of social distancing in nightclubs, restaurants, and public transportation. Night clubs in Seoul have to shut down at this time, while restaurants have limiting service hours. Public rallies in Seoul are limited to only 10 people and public transportation will be restricted after 10:00 p.m.

Seoul Mayor Seo Jung-hyup said that one-third of employees in Seoul will work from home in order to prevent the city from suffering the shortage of medical resources. On Monday, the country reported 272 new cases of coronavirus; an action forced the nation to act immediately. Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency Director Jeong Eun-kyeong said that they got to declare these regulations as the nation could be broken down because of the virus.

“We need to reduce people-to-people contact,” she said.

The total of coronavirus cases in South Korea has risen to 30,733, including 505 deaths. Other nations of the Pacific area also suffered from the second strikes of COVID-19. China and Japan are the most two severe regions in this area. Japan has fewer than 2,000 deaths related to coronavirus, but the country just recently reported a record of COVID-19 cases.

South Korea obligates the mask wearing rules stricter
Koreans now could not have access to night clubs since the strike of coronavirus makes the positive cases in the nation increase. Photo: AFP



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