South Korea recently registered the highest number of coronavirus infected cases. Consequently, it forces the government to penalize people who fail to wear masks in public.

South Korea reported its daily highest uplifting of coronavirus infected cases in 70-days. As the result, the government of East Asia nation has to apply wearing masks obligation. If anyone fails to wear masks in public places, they will be finned. Last Friday, the nation recorded  191 new infected cases of coronavirus, added to the already enormous caseload of infections.

It has been the sixth consecutive day that the nation acknowledged more than 100 new infections of coronavirus. It is the most tremendous record since Sep. 4 when the nation reported 198 cases of coronavirus in a day. Coronavirus has spread in a variety of places in Korea, including hospitals, nursing homes, churches, schools, restaurants, and offices. In the Seoul metropolitan area, more than 120 cases of coronavirus registered yestetrday.

The government of the Republic of Korea has eased the social distancing regulation to the lowest level in order to revise the economy. Despite the effort, the government now has to apply new rules in order to maintain national safety.

Wearing mask in Korea now is mandatory.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun of the nation said that they could consider tightening social distancing again. “We are at a precarious situation,” he said.

South Korea has overcome the first and second strike of COVID-19 without applying major lockdowns. The nation relied strongly on an aggressive test-and-quarantine program and relatively widespread use of masks among the public. From this Friday, officials will impose up to 100,000 won ($90) fine for people who fail to wear masks in public transport, and a wide range of venues, including hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, nightclubs, karaoke bars, religious and sports facilities, and at gatherings of more than 500 people.

New Zealand’s government could also make wearing masks mandatory in Auckland. Last week, coronavirus stroke Europe crucially, and this time, Asia received a heavy attack of the virus. Pfizer vaccine has been released, and perhaps, it is the only saving for those nations.

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