Russian will have their own TikTok developed and run by Gazprom, Russian leading media holding and powered by the state energy giant.

TikTok, alike to Facebook worldwide, is a popular social media site created in China and soon become a popular social media site world wide. Nonetheless, TikTok also suffered from the social perception in several nations, especially the Western nations. Russia’s power giant, Gazprom, recently confirmed that they will create the Russian TikTok and no longer let the nation depends on an international product.

CEO of Gazprom said on Wednesday that this company has big media plan, specifically develop Russian TikTok. Alexander Zharov, Media CEO of Gazprom, said that his company invested in a project named Ya Molodets (I am great).

Innopraktika foundation will financially support this project of Gazprom. What Gazprom wants to create is an environment within which bloggers of Russia can find themselves a better place for uploading videos and streaming them. He also revealed that this project will launch within 2 years.

Ya Molodets will be a Russian version of TikTok as it lets users upload short vertical videos alike to the Chinese platform.

Gazprom-Media used to be the largest media company in Russia, owning several radio stations and television channels. Besides developing the TikTok platform for Russian users, Gazprom-Media will invest in two other ambitious projects. They plan to launch two websites alike to YouTube within the next 2 years. One of them will be an improved version of Rutube – video streaming platform in Russia.

Zharov admitted that the team has worked on it and made sure that the final outcome will not be worse than YouTube in terms of the stability.

In terms of developing the streaming platform, Gazprom-Media will also have to develop a censorship system for these systems as the nation put a strict regulation on the Internet.

Russian will have TikTok in the Russian language and run by a Russian company. Photo: AFP

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