Razer Seiren Mini is a portable microphone product of Razer, the famous gaming components producer in the U.S. and it is the powerful accessories for gaming streamers. 

I just received this microphone from Razer Vietnam few weeks ago, and the very first notice of me about this microphone is its tiny size. Honestly, I concerned how can my podcasting task be accomplished with this mini microphone. However, Razer Seiren Mini is more powerful than its size.

A beast inside a tiny body

The Ultra-Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern helps this microphone decrease the ambient noise to the minimum level.

Because typing and clicking mouse is inevitable when you are a gaming streamer, a microphone that can minimize the noise is necessary.

With its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response, the microphone creates a better reproduction of your voice and reflect a warmer, stronger, and more constant sound. As a broadcaster and podcaster, I realized that the outcome using this microphone is much better than using iPhone or other recording microphone that I have used beforehand.

While I was an undergrad, I had an opportunity to enhance to the  sE2200a II that is worth $399, but the outcome of that mic was still unpleasing. Sometimes, the microphone that worth up to $399 caught up ambient noise and they took from me hours eliminating these unwanted sound from my recording file. The task was added up annoyingly.

Razer Seiren Mini microphone on my hand. Photo: Times 24 H.

However, when I used the Razer Seiren Mini microphone, I am absolutely pleased with the product. The ultra compact and portable advantage of this component allows me to engage my work wherever I want to as long as I have my laptop and the Internet connection. Unlike other recording microphones that are heavy for carrying and sometimes take over the space for setting up, the mini microphone of Razer is dynamic and easy to set up.

You might have several alternatives for a portable microphone out there, but I am pretty sure that the product from Razer is more qualifying than all of those alternatives. At the price of only $49,99, Razer Seiren Mini microphone offers you a better gaming streaming experience than other portable microphone. Even if you have to compare the microphone with the high-end products, the technology of this mini microphone is not weaker. To some extent, it is even more powerful.

As having said earlier, this recorder is powered by the Ultra-Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern which allows the recording voice to have the minimum amount of ambient voice. The worry about repeatedly recording the sound will be eliminated. By the way, the USB portal cable of this recorder is  long enough that you can hang it in a tripod without concerning that you can’t plug its USB in.

The technology of this mini microphone is wonderful. Photo: Times 24H.

Nonetheless, a beast also has a drawback

Definitely, the drawback of this portable microphone is its size. The stand of this microphone is too short and the angle of it is restricted. Sometimes I have to lift the mic up in order to finish my recording which is unconformable sometimes. Besides, the product is only compatible with Windows which will be a restriction for streamer who use Mac IOS platform.

The next drawback of a mini microphone is its ability to cover the loud sound. I often have to over speak when I use this microphone, and since I usually has a trouble with my throat, saying way too out loud is painful. Lastly, this mini microphone needs to be attached to a computer in order to work. It works perfectly for streamer but for a reporter, it might not work that well.

Well, in the end, I am enjoying it right now, and it is glad to have the access to it




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