Chinese YouTuber Ritsuchi explained as’Chinese food’ while making cabbage kimchi
(Capture Ritsuchi YouTube channel video)

A Chinese YouTuber with over 14 million subscribers uploaded a video showing kimchi and posted a hashtag called’Chinese Food’, causing controversy.

Li Ziqi, a famous Chinese YouTuber who introduces traditional Chinese culture and daily life in rural areas, uploaded a video of 19 minutes and 32 seconds under the title’Life Series: Life of Nothing’ on the 9th.

In the video, Ritsuchi’s own harvested and trimmed cabbages are soaked in salt and pickled, the cabbages are covered with red seasoning made with red pepper powder, etc., and kimchi is put in a boiling cauldron to make a soup dish.

Ritsuchi introduced the foods in the video as if they were traditional Chinese food by adding hashtags as’Traditional Chinese Cuisine’ (#ChineseCuisine) and’Chinese Food’ (#ChineseFood) in the description column.

The video recorded 2.13 million views and about 140,000’Like’ within a day of uploading.

Netizens who watched the video responded, saying, “Kimchi is a traditional Korean food,” and “I’ve seen it while subscribing for a while, but I’m really angry.”

This is not the first time that the Chinese media have caused controversy over Korean food.

China’s official media report said that Pao Chai, a salted vegetable food from Sichuan, was approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in November last year, and reported that South Korea, the leader of kimchi, was humiliated.

However, Pao Chai is a food that is fermented directly after salted vegetables or boiled, and is more like pickles than kimchi.

The Korean government also refuted false reports, saying that the Kimchi food standard was set as an international standard by the UN International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) International Food Standards Committee in 2001. ()

Source: Yunhap News)


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