Olympique Lyonnais’ president, Jean-Michel Aulas, hinted that the French’s side can have a replacement for Rudi Garcia when the contract with the coach is expired.

According to RMC Sport, Aulas suggested that Olympique Lyonnais should have a change in their coaching position. The contract with Rudi Garcia will expire at the end of the 2020-2021 season, but Olympique Lyonnais has no intention to renew the contract.

“This is a topic that is often brought up. I have said that we will take a position on it between now and the end of the season… It is not on the menu for the moment. We (the board) meet on December 31. I hope that we will be in first place at that point, so that we can look at things in a different way,” Lyonnais’ president said. Aulas acknowledged positive change at Lyonnais last season as the French side made it to the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League.

Nonetheless, the uncertain form of the club forced the club to have a change in the manager chair.

“Rudi knows it, I speak often with him. He is totally in agreement with me to show things on the pitch and through the performances of the team we could eventually look at something,” Aulas added.

BeIn Sport has been doubtful about this news, and they want to investigate the speculation of it. However, Aulas recommended that he is always telling the right information with the press. “You often have the right information,” Aulas confirmed that Garcia is leaving at the end of his contract.

Lyonnais has been linked heavily with Lille manager Christophe Galtier as a potential replacement for Rudi Garcia. Galtier has taken Lille to the second and fourth-place finishes of Ligue One in the last two seasons. His talented mindset has been proved, and the coach can absolutely be the best successor for Garcia’s triumph.

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