South Korea’s agency reported that North Korea shuts its capital, Pyongyang, and bans fishing near the borders in order to stop the spreading of coronavirus.  

Besides asking to shut down the capital and ban fishing, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un also declared the execution of two people this Thursday. According to South Korea‘s spy agency, Kim did so in order to protect his nation from the coronavirus and the damage of this virus on the economy. North Korea shuts its capital and bans fishing, and they will approve this action immediately.

The leader of the nation also expressed his anger towards the virus and wanted to tackle it with strong action.

Kim’s government also provided his concern over the new president-elect Joe Biden. The leader of North Korea worried that this new president could provoke bad action against his nation. Ha Tae-keung, lawmakers of North Korea, said that the nation has suffered from an economic crisis since the beginning of the global pandemic, and the leader of North Korea was so angry against the irrational measure of the pandemic.

Most of the revenue of North Korea’s economy thanks to the importing demand from China. In 10 months of this year, China and North Korea have traded a total of $530 million, but this amount only equals 25% of last year’s trading between the two nations.

North Korea confirmed that they closed the border with China in January, not June. Because of this, the trading is postponed and the nation struggled with balancing the economy.

Kim Jong-un announced the closure of North Korean capital this Thursday.



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