Nick McGlashan was shockingly found to have died at 33. No further notice about his death has been confirmed yet.

Nick McGlashan died at 33 in Nashville, confirmed by the CNN.

His death reason is still a mystery so far, and the police of Nashville will need times to do investigation on it. Discovery, the runner of the series “Deadliest Catch”, released a statement about his death.

“Our deepest sympathy goes out to Nick’s loved ones during this difficult time,” representative of Discovery wrote.

“Nick came from a long line of crabbers and was known for his great depth of knowledge. He also had a sharp sense of humor even in the most difficult conditions. He will be deeply missed by all those who knew him,” they added.

Nick McGlashan was born in Alaska, to a fishery tradition family and he started to live on boat since the year of 13.

His name was taken from the great uncle who was working on boat during the 1940s. Other family members of Nick also work on boat such as his aunts.

Nick was with the “Deadliest Catch” series of Discovery since 2013. The cast member of Discovery’s series was then kicked out from the series for reason of addicting to alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine.

He was overdosed to those things twice time in his life. Beforerhand, another cast member of the “Deadliest Catch”, Mahlon Reyes, also died at the age 38 after suffering from a heart attack.

Anyway, we all wish Nick McGlasan’s family all the best things. Rest in peace, Nick! By the way, the year 2020 is not ending yet, so we all wish that in the last 2 days of this year, no bad things will happen to any families.

Nick McGlashan’s portrait.

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