A new ICCID code in Vietnam can turn an iPhone lock into a global-wide iPhone. News confirmed by 24H.

ICCID code has been acknowledged as an unlock tool for an iPhone lock in Vietnam in a while. But this tool has been upgraded recently, as the new ICCID code has been created recently. Most of iPhones lock eventually turn out to be applied this new code to unlock the phone and turn them into global-wide iPhones.

You can easily switch sim cards for those phones and you can even use 5G for these phones.

ICCID code has been published as the most efficient way of unlocking iPhone, and this tool rarely fail to dominate any iPhones lock.

After the machine is activated, you can switch sim cards for it easily and you can even use 5G for it.

In an experiment, Vietnamese user has used the 89014104279605344xxx to unlock their phone and it works properly.

Anyway, Apple will restrict the illegal unlocking of iPhone global-wide, and this way of unlocking iPhone can soon be history. For phones that have successfully unlocked by using the hacking code, their devices can be deactivated anytime by Apple. Therefore, instead of thinking about using the hacking code forever long, considering authorized devices will be a smarter choice.

Though the price tag for authorized iPhones are more expensive, security of these phones are assured by the Apple brand.

In case you bought a phone that has already been hacked by the ICCID code, please revise its original setting by following these steps: Setting >  General > Reset > Erase all content and setting.

In conclusion, buying an iPhone is a necessity for lots of us, but whatever you are about to buy, please be careful with hacked products.

Be careful with new ICCID code.

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