It was a shocking news for the entire world, especially the Vietnamese entertainment. Chi Tai passed away after suffering from cardiac arrest and left the world in surprise.

“My brother, you have been living a joyful life, and I wish that you could find joy in the heaven. So many memories between us that can’t simply be describe into words. Goodbye Chi Tai. Miss you so much brother,” singer Huong Lan wrote on her social media site.

It was a big surprise to recognize the whole world just lost such a warm-hearted person and a graceful comedian.  

“ChiTai, a good fellow to Huong Lan, a dedicated entertainer , a talented music composer, such a passionate heart with the performing stage… In the regular daily basis, you are friendly and kind. In works, you are always reputable and fulfill your role perfectly,” Huong Lan added.

>> Vietnamese celebrity Chi Tai passed away after a cardiac arrest

Chi Tai did not start his career as a comedian at the first place. It was not until 2000 that the former Vietnamese entertainer officially shifted to the comedy field. Beforehand, the former entertainer was a talented guitarist, a music composer, and a vocalist for a band that he led himself. He called it with the name Chi Tai’s brother, and that home band created a reputation for Chi Tai in the entertaining world of Vietnamese living abroad.

Chi Tai tribune tabloid in Ho Chi Minh city. Photo: Dan Tri

He and his band became an irreplaceable part of Thuy Nga entertainment center during the 1980s and 1990s. In 1997, the former musician got a debut on the comedy stage with another famous Vietnamese comedian, Hoai Linh. 

Hoai Linh confessed that thanks to the combination with Chi Tai, his career flew off and became an outstanding one. The duo has accompanied in several successful comedy displays of Thuy Nga, and they also collaborated in some movie projects such as Five Fairies in a House and Hello Vietnam.

The former entertainer officially converted himself into a comedian in 2000, and since then, he became the regular choice of Thuy Nga entertainment for the comedy display. 

Besides being a regular choice on the comedy stage of Thuy Nga, Chi Tai also participated in Vietnamese gameshows such as On gioi ! Cau Day Roi (Thank God! You’re Here), Ky Uc Vui Ve (Happy Memories), Ca Si Bi An (Mysterious Singer), Nguoi Hat Tinh Ca (Who Sings Love Songs), and so on. 

“Handsome” Long cried hard when he recognized that Chi Tai has passed away.

Inside the comedy stage, Chi Tai was a graceful comedian who would be willing to sacrifice himself to push his partner and the play. He was said to be a kind and warm-hearted person, and very friendly as well. 

Hoai Linh admitted that Chi Tai was his best friend, and his soulmate.

“I could not find any friend alike to him again. It is hard,” Hoai Linh said. 

The duo was the recognition of success for Thuy Nga and for the Vietnamese comedy industry. In 40 years of participating in entertainment, the former comedian is acknowledged a successful entertainer who has been working hard and staying away from scandals. 

He only passed away for one day, but it feels like it has been a whole year without him. The comedian has lived a life in joyful, and probably, it is time for him to leave in joyful. Once again, rest in peace, Chi Tai. 

Below is one of his best comedy display. The content is in Vietnamese language. 




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