Motorola showcased their understanding of how devices should charge wirelessly remotely, right after Xiaomi introduced Mi Air Charge. The technology of the Lenovo subsidiary allows charging from a distance of one meter, provided that nothing is interposed between the charger and the device.

According to the official video, two Motorola Edge phones (probably modified for the test) are placed in an upright position 80 cm and 100 cm respectively from the charger. They immediately begin to fill the battery, but once a person gets a hold of the charger, the process stops.

Here is the video:

The charger is apparently called Motorola One Hyper, and although the technology is based on the Qi standard, the company has said it is actually better. There could be seven phones, charged simultaneously, but Motorola doesn’t give any real numbers such as the device’s charge rate and whether all the phones can have the same speed or if one takes the others.

Motorola has also claimed that this is “the right way to wirelessly charge” and, while this may seem like a dig for Xiaomi with its Ottoman-sized charger for portable devices, it’s more likely that the company wants the industry is moving forward from the option where the phone constantly sits next to a charger.

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Source: GSMArena


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