In a panel discussion that just happened in Ho Chi Minh city, Nguyen Duc Tai – Mr. president of Mobile World JSC – said that his company is worth up to 5 billion USD. 

Mr. Tai admitted that he just received an offer from a foreign investor who are ready to spend money into his Mobile World JSC at anytime. The investor also suggested that Mobile World JSC should separate into three branch companies and let them work independently from each other. Mobile World JSC also run some branch companies such as Green Department Store and Blue Electronics Department Store. The total investment for Mr. Tai and his company could be up to 5 billion USD. Below is more sharing from the president of the Vietnamese corporation.

A store of Mobile World JSC.

Say no to resting in the global pandemic period

Mr. Tai admitted that the year 2020 was a special year for his corporation. The company works twice as hard as last year, but the revenue and the income are not as much as last year. Due to the effect of the global pandemic, COVID-19, the corporation suffers from getting the revenue. Despite the suffer, what the company has done so far in this year is much brighter than some others.

According to Mr. Tai, since the establishment of the company, he and his colleagues have never rested or given themselves a chance to rest. They are always fighting hard and thinking about expanding the growth, increasing the revenue, and attracting new customers to the company.

“I am no longer the CEO or the president. I am more like a cook,” Mr. Tai jokes.

Thanks to that passionate spirit, the corporation of Mr. Tai has became an influencing and inspiring company among the entrepreneur world and the technology world. Every investors that have spent money for Mobile World JSC earned interest after 4 years of waiting and being patient.

Besides, there was an investor coming to them and put on the table such an interesting offers. They want to spend 1,5 billion USD for Green Department Store, 2 billion USD for the Blue Electronics Department Store, and 1,5 billion USD for the Mobile World JSC.

Nevertheless, the bargain is denied by Mr. Tai. “Company works for an investor is the business of someone else, not me. Personally, I only work for 60,000 employees of Mobile World JSC,” Mr. Tai said.

Green Department Store received an offer of investing up to 1,5 billion USD.

Being smart to tackle the problem

Mr. Tai acknowledged the struggle of his company, but instead of refusing and giving up, he said that the company has smart strategy and tactics to battle with the issue. Green Department Store has a better revenue than its brothers, but in long term, the revenue of the department store could not help the company survive.

Portray of Mr. Tai.

Therefore, instead of delivering big sales and promotional offers, his company decided to work slower but stronger.

“I understand that customers don’t really have the necessity for purchasing anything in this period. Instead of applying several promotions, I will spend money wisely,” Mr. Tai said.

In the end, he assured that he will keep the employees team for whatever it takes. According to the business analysis of the corporation, Mobile World JSC has earned a revenue of more than 90 thousand billion VND, a huge revenue of a Vietnamese company.

“Don’t start an only simply passionate entrepreneurship,” Mr. Tai said.



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