Mira Furlan, former actress of “Babylon 5” and “Secret”, dies at the age of 65. Her family members and creator of “Babylon 5” confirmed.

Mira Furlan dies at the age of 65 at her home in the U.S. No death cause of Furlan was disclosed yet, although her passing was confirmed by her former colleagues, creator J. Michael Straczynski. He was the first one to announce Furlan’s death and he was also the first one who paid tribute to the late actress.

On his Twitter he wrote.

“It is a night of great sadness, for our friend and comrade had gone down the road where we cannot reach her.”

“Mira was a good and kind woman, a stunningly talented performer and a friend to everyone in the cast and crew of Babylon 5, and we are all devastated by the news,” the statement continues.

Before having a bright career with the Hollywood, Furlan had a rising career back home in Croatia, formerly acknowledged as Yugoslavia. She emigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s, and started to play an impactful role in the Hollywood immediately. Furlan involved in some outstanding projects of the Hollywood including Emir Kusturica’s Palme d’Or-winning Oscar-nominated 1985 film When Father Was Away on Business.

While Furlan had a bright career in the Hollywood, her beloved home nation was destroyed by the Yugoslavian war. The Croatian War of Independence consequently led to the break up of Yugoslavia. However, during the occurrence of this war, Furlan often travelled back and forth between Croatia and the U.S.

After the independence of Croatia was confirmed, Furland usually had played films in both the U.S. and Croatia.

Mira Furlan died.
Mira Furland has forever left us.

Creator Straczynski confessed that the intense travel frequency between the U.S. and Croatia has some influence to Furlan’s health. On a statement, he said.

“We’ve known for some time now that Mira’s health was failing … and have been all dreading this day.”

In the end, Furlan has lived a beautiful life, contributing whatever she got for the entertainment and proved that there was no borders for arts and creating. Good bye, Furlan. Rest in peace!


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