We all hoped for and wanted grand New Year’s celebrations, didn’t we? But considering all the life-altering and panic-inducing circumstance that happened in 2020 – we might all just opt to spend the last hours of the year at the comforts of our home, of our couch, in front of the TV.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to list down five of the best feel-good and heartwarming movies produced in the past few years you can watch all through the New Year’s Eve. These films, starred by the most talented actors, will make you laugh, gasp and cry – all for good reasons. And they required nothing but focused eyes and some tissue – in case you tear up – and a cup of eggnog.

So, sit back and relax. You deserve this unhurried, relaxed night.

About Time         

You’ve probably seen a lot of time travel movies as it’s a common theme every New Year’s Eve. But it wouldn’t hurt to watch another one, would it? About Time is a beautiful romantic comedy-drama starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson. At the age of 21, Domhnall who plays Tim, discovers that his family has the secret ability to travel back in time and relive moments. All they need to do is find a dark place, clench their fists and think about the memory the want to go back to. Given a rare gift, Tim wastes no time to travel back in time and find the love of his life. It turns out, not even that magical power can make love easy and smooth-sailing. The film focuses on love for family and how far a person can go to take back all shortcomings and replace them with just happy, perfect memories.

The Age of Adaline

If you haven’t watched this Blake Lively masterpiece, you’ve already missed half of your life! Kidding, just a quarter. Blake Lively’s immortal character, Adaline Bowman, was born on New Year’s Day of 1908. She got married and gave birth to a daughter, only to become a widow after. During a car crash, Adaline dies for a moment before she gets struck by a lighting that revived her. From that moment on, Adaline has stayed physically 29 years old. Because of her condition, Adaline never allows herself to get close to anyone except for her daughter. She fakes IDs and jumps from one city to another to avoid any encounter with people who might recognize her. But while Adaline lives quite a stressful life, she always makes sure she gets a good New Year’s Eve celebration. This is when she meets the charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) with whom she falls in love with. Adaline is now ready to take this another shot at true love. But things get complicated when she meets Ellis’ father, and Adaline’s secret is at risk of getting exposed.

Love, Guaranteed

This is probably the most recent of all the films listed here. This romantic comedy released this year on Netflix centers on a little false advertising of an online dating site that guarantees love for all its user. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook (Susan) and Damon Wayans Jr. (Nick), the film takes on people’s different perspective on love – both on what they give and what they want to receive. Susan and Nick’s fate are intertwined as they go against the makers of the Love, Guaranteed app after Nick went on 986 dates and has not found “the one” so far. Susan, a lawyer, helps Nick by putting her profile on the app for research. This is then where the two lead characters eventually finding themselves falling for each other. Will they follow their hearts, or will they remain true to their case that Love, Guaranteed is indeed a fraud.

Eat Pray Love

This is the author’s personal bias. Just because. Eat Pray Love, an adaptation from a book of the same title written by Elizabeth Gilbert, is based on the author’s true story. It talks about the journey of finding oneself and unapologetically recognizing that what one really wants in life may hurt others in some ways. Played beautifully by Julia Roberts, the main character Liz, goes on a tri-country trip after her failed marriage and chaotic divorce. She goes to Italy, India and Bali – where she discovers different parts of herself. In Italy, she spends her time eating the best pizza and spaghetti and hanging out with newfound friends that she would love dearly. In India, she stays in an Ashram where she learns to pray, meditate and look deeply into her self. Here she founds another friend, Richard, who gives her eye-opening conversations. Her last stop, Bali in Indonesia, open an opportunity for her to find love as well as mindfulness. She talks with Ketut, a master healer, who tells her how much she deserves to love again. And she really did!

Begin Again

What’s a more fitting movie to watch as we say farewell to this year and wave hello to a new one? Begin Again stars Mark Ruffalo (a boozy music executive named Dan) and Keira Knightley (heartbroken songwriter Greta). Dan convinces Greta to start a music career with him. The film is filled with catchy soundtrack and well-produced hits that brings just easy-breezy watch. “Begin Again” is aptly named since it, indeed, recounts the same day over again in its opening sequences before Gretta and Dan meet. From there, a drunken Dan and an intrigued Gretta decide to make a demo album all on their own. They practice and record songs in alleys, on rooftops, in the subway – which honestly, makes the film more endearing. But the best part of the movie is how romance between the two main characters were not forced. They were connected by music and friendship, and that’s just the most beautiful thing.

Is your favorite film on our list? If you have suggestions of amazing movies that will make New Year’s Eve more worthwhile, drop a comment. Or if these movies suit your taste, share this with friends so you can all enjoy a good and relaxing New Year’s Eve later.

We wish you all a safe and blissful New Year celebration!


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