According to AP, the Minnesota Department of Health recently recorded up to 100 deaths in a day caused by coronavirus for the first time since the pandemic exploded. 

Since the very start of the pandemic, Minnesota has never registered that many deaths in just one day. But yesterday, the history changed as Minnesota reported 100 deaths in just one day. The state just recently announced a total of 5,704 new cases on Friday, putting the state at 3,476 deaths and 295,001 cases since March.

Minnesota currently has more than 1,000 patients being treated in hospitals, and about 380 patients are in intensive condition. Health minister Jan Malcolm recommended that everyone should be careful with gathering around in the holiday season. He said that the current deaths “reinforces that tragic pattern” and urged individuals to avoid gatherings to mitigate further spread of the virus during the holidays.

Luckily, Black Friday and shopping are not affected that much by this news since most shops don’t open for in-house shopping. Shoppers still can pick up whatever they want for this holiday season at home. Still, being careful and following the social distancing rules are mandatory for everyone. What is so shocking is that in just one day, Minnesota recorded up to 100 deaths caused by the virus.

The storm is ranging on and predictably with a stronger vibe.

Minnesota is affected badly because of the virus.

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