Dustin Poirier finally revenged for the loss against Conor McGregor successfully as he knock-out the Irishman last Saturday.

Dustin Poirier managed to knock-out Conor McGregor in the second half of their fight, pushing the Irish fighter to the corner of the Octagon before making the finishing move. It was McGregor who had more chances to finish off the match, but he missed all the chance. McGregor nearly got it when he made a good elbow hit on the jaw of Poirier, but the American fighter denied the impact of that damage.

In the second half, McGregor continued to threw forward several severe hits including some side kicks and straight punches, but none of them found the targets well. And as a result, McGregor squeezed out of stamina in the remaining minutes of the second half of this fight.

Poirier cashed in the chance well, pushed his opponent to the corner of the Octagon and finished him off with a good combo of hooks and upper cuts. Winning this match, Poirier earned for himself a contender spot for the lightweight champion that is still vacant.

The famous grappler, Khabib Nurmagomedov might consider a comeback in order to defend his title against Poirier.

About McGregor, this loss proved that the time for McGregor was somehow far away. Once he was the most powerful fighter in the Octagon. But it is no longer the case anymore. His ego and troublesome character have cashed him quite a decent price.

After this match, McGregor might have to go through a lawsuit which has been declared sine 2019. Back then, McGregor was accused of raping an Irish woman.


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