MasterChef leading lady Melissa Leong confirmed that she divorced from her husband after 3 years of marriage.

Melissa Leong firstly announced that she has divorced from her husband on her social media site. She wrote on her site “time has come” as the famous chef said that she part away from her husband. Leong admitted that it was such a happiness to walk in the same way with Joe in the last three years, but it was time for the couple to seperate.

“It has brought us such happiness to walk together, but the time has come for Joe and I to part ways and walk on, apart,” Leong wrote.

She then continued to ask her fans and follows to respect her decision and protect for her privacy.

“We ask for your kindness and consideration for our privacy, we will not be making any further comment as our private lives have, and will always remain exactly that. We wish you peace at the end of such a challenging year for all,” the famous chef added.

Leong and her husband, Joe.

In an interview with journalist, Leong recalled some beautiful memories between both writer.

“I first met him briefly at his bar in Melbourne Romeo Lane,” she said. “Then we met again properly about 18 months later at a function. We started talking there and we’ve just not ever ceased since really. It’s pretty cool.”

The couple has a quite fleeting relationship as they decided to tight the knot after 5 months of dating and engaging.

But after all, Leong never said that she was upset by the parting. At least, she explained that they had a beautiful love story.

On her 3 years anniversary of marriage, she described that their relationship is like a lifetime relationship.

“3 years married to you feels like a lifetime, and a split second at the same time,” she wrote.


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