Yesterday, LOSC Lille said welcome to its new president after confirmed to be sold on Friday. Gérard Lopez left the club and gave it to Olivier Létang.

LOSC Lille used to belong to Victory Soccer Limited but then was sold to Merlyn Partners SCSp. The company late ron assigned Olivier Létang as new president of LOSC Lille replacing the former one, Gérard Lopez.

After taking a president chair at Lille, Létang admitted he is happy for becoming the new president of Lille. The new president of Ligue One’s champion in the season 20102011 was also happy to announce the new president.

In his first interview with the club, new president mentioned about making this club great again and help them manage as much chance as possible.

“My intention is for the club to reach its full potential and I will ensure that the LOSC is managed sportily and financially, for the benefit of the supporters and the LOSC community, with football at the heart of the project,” he said.  I want to thank everyone in the club who will be working hard on Mr. Lopez’s transition. I am also delighted to have Christophe Galtier, a high-level trainer who I appreciate as a man and as a professional, by my side. “

via FootMerCato.

Lille was in the UEFA Champions League last season, but then was dropped out from the competition of this year.

Hopefully, with the appearance of the new president, the club can make it back to the most prestigious competition in Europe. Lille won the Ligue One trophy one time during the reign of Gérard Lopez, and duplicating the winning like that is another hope of Lille under the new empire of the new president.

Letang has its first words with Lille spoken out. Before moving to Lille, Olivier Létang was the president of Stade Rennais.

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